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Sub-divisional Works of Building Energy Conservation of Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center "One Stadium and Three Gymnasiums" undertaken by MCC17 Passed Acceptance
CopyFrom: Date:25 February 2022
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  On February 23, under the supervision of Lanzhou Construction Project Quality Safety Supervision Station, the sub-divisional works of building energy conservation of the stadium, complex hall, swimming hall and tennis pavilion of Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Project by MCC17 passed the acceptance successfully.

  The acceptance team first listened to the work reports from the four responsible subjects (localities, departments, institutions and individuals) on project overview, construction organization, quality control, quality inspection, quality data, quality evaluation and other aspects of energy conservation works for four buildings of "One Stadium and Three Gymnasiums", and then carefully examined the construction quality of the project entity accompanied by the management personnel and supervision personnel of the Project Department. They also checked the technical quality data of the divisional works and queried the engineering problems in the whole construction process.

  After comprehensive inspection and evaluation, the acceptance team believed that Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center, under the supervision through ways of standby, patrol and parallel inspection by the Supervisor, and with the support and cooperation of all participation units, is constructed in strict accordance with the requirements of design documents and current construction standards and specifications, and that all kinds of raw materials and semi-finished products meet the requirements after inspection, witness sampling and re-inspection, with complete data, so the Project met the relevant acceptance standards and passed the acceptance.

  The successful acceptance of the sub-divisional works of building energy conservation laid a solid foundation for the formal completion acceptance in March. The Project Department will continue to meet the high standard construction requirements, put safety first, seize the golden time, overcome difficulties to facilitate the successful holding of the 15th Games of Gansu Province.


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