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MCC19 Wins Bid for Jinhe Land Port Project in Xinjiang
CopyFrom: Date:12 January 2022
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  On January 10, 2022, MCC19 signs a contract for the Jinhe Lan Port Project in EPC+O mode in Cele County, Hotan City, Xinjiang.

  The project covers an area of 306,917 m2, with a total construction area of 131,281 m2. The construction contents include logistics rooms, supporting exhibition areas, water supply and drainage, heating, electricity, gas, fire fighting and other ancillary facilities. The planned construction period of the project is 365 calendar days. As the "incubator" of local SMEs and the "reservoir" of local economic development, it will further enhance the development of local modern logistics industry and stimulate regional economic development after completion, which is of great significance in optimizing the local industrial structure and promoting coordinated development between urban and rural areas.


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