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CISDI Realizes Converter Steelmaking Whole-process Intelligentization in Laiwu Steel Group Corp of Shandong Steel
CopyFrom: Date:23 December 2021
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  On December 21, 2021, the traditional drivers replacing steelmaking projects phase-I of Laiwu Steel Group Corp of Shandong Steel, which was generally contracted by CISDI Group Co., Ltd. (CISDI), successfully completed the heat testing with each system orderly operated. Putting two converters into production simultaneously has been realized for the first time in China. Meanwhile, the project employed a great deal of intelligentized technology and equipment to realize the whole-process intelligentization for steelmaking, which has set a sample project for intelligentized steelmaking.

  The continuous casting project for converter steelmaking is an important part of traditional drivers replacing projects of Laiwu Steel Group Corp, Shandong Steel, as well as the core project for the consolidation and improvement of variety, quality and cost advantages, and the key to the in-depth transformation towards the goal of "green steelmaking, intelligentized manufacturing, high-end and high-efficiency". Thereinto, the steelmaking project overall contracted by CISDI mainly aims at constructing 2 sets for KR-based molten iron desulphurization, 2 converters with 120-tonne outputs each, 2 stations for argon blowing and wire feeding, and 2 LF refining furnaces.

  The project applies several core technology equipment that is independently innovated by CISDI, including the CISDI-SACS converter, fronted coal-cooling + Teller Rosette dehydrator for one-stop dry dust-pelletizing system, and CISDI-DMI-AC digital LF refining furnace intelligentized electrode controlling system, which is ranked at the leading level in China in the aspects of equipment domestication, energy conservation, environment protection, intelligentization, and high-efficiency.

  With the goal of "creating an intelligentized + manpower-saving workshop", the project is the pioneer in China of transitioning the traditional center control building into a centralized management and control center for the first time and realizing centralization and manpower saving for operation posts. The project has also integrated such advanced technologies as a workshop logistic management system, automatic slag removal, one-click converter steelmaking, and automatic steel tapping, with intelligentized equipment including the intelligentized overhead traveling crane and robot, to realize a whole-process intelligentization for desulfuration, steelmaking, and refining.

  The project employs several new technologies such as IoT and cloud computing to realize whole-process data collecting and storing in the aspects of production, equipment, energy, quality, cost, and security, laying a data foundation for creating a digital plant.

  Since the project has been commenced, it has always adhered to "planning at the high starting point, constructing with the high standard, and promoting under high efficiency". All staff of the CISDI projects stick to the MCC spirit that "never waste one day, never slack for one day" and pool excellent resources together including project management, design, construction, and equipment production. Though there are numerous challenges and difficulties ahead of CISDI, for example, climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, and market volatility, all the staff never give up and always keep performing their duties. They worked for three consecutive months without having any rest before the heat testing to ensure the project could be put into production as scheduled.


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