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MCC Baosteel’s Core Metallurgical Logistics Products Enters the Central Asian Market
CopyFrom: Date:20 December 2021
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  On December 16, MCC Baosteel and Kazakhstan TOO (Limited Liability Company) signed the China-Kazakhstan 300,000t lead slag pot carrier and welded slag pot project. The project involves the design, manufacturing, and supply of two slag pot carriers and six welded slag pots.

  MCC Baosteel’s portfolios of slag pot carriers and welded slag pots have been applied in the slag treatment of metallurgic enterprises successfully. The rated load of slag pot carriers is 70 tonnes while the volume of welded slag pots is 15 cubic meters. Welded slag pots are special devices developed for the soaking and slow cooling of metallurgical slags and can replace traditional cast slag pots. Being environmentally friendly with high quality, low maintenance rates, high fall-off rates, and low comprehensive costs, they are widely favored in the market. Over more than 30 years of research and development, they have acquired 14 national patents and won the second prize of China Minmetals’ Technology Invention Award. Relevant metallurgical methods have been rated as provincial and ministerial levels and relevant corporate standards have been approved in Shanghai. Self-developed slag pot carriers have a load range of 35-120 tonnes and boast multiple functions, including pot backing, transporting, unloading, and slag pouring. With light bodies, flexible using methods, and small turning radii, they can adapt to relatively small working spaces of steel factories. They are produced completely domestically and have won multiple patents and awards.

  Despite the regular pandemic prevention and control, MCC Baosteel’s metallurgical logistics marketing and design team has kept communicating with the China-Kazakhstan project team, demonstrating MCC Baosteel’s comprehensive capabilities in metallurgical equipment design, production and processing, and quality guarantee and laying a good foundation for project negotiation.

  The signing of this project marks the entry of MCC Baosteel’s core metallurgical logistics products into the central Asian market, its development of a new nonferrous metal market segment after copper and aluminum market segments, further enhancement of the international popularity of its metallurgical equipment, and its contribution to the high-quality development of China’s metallurgical industry.


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