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Shanghai Baoye’s Smart Steel Structure “Manager” Goes Live, and the Production Line of Intelligent H-beam Forming Center Works in Full Operation
CopyFrom: Date:31 December 2021
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  On the morning of December 29, the smart steel structure “manager” of Shanghai Baoye Group Corp. Ltd. (Shanghai Baoye)—an independently developed application— was launched, marking the start of operations of the first intelligent production line of H-beam forming centers in China.

  In terms of management and control functions, the app breaks through barriers in quality control, process convergence, data interaction, and upstream-downstream communication. At the same time, it manifests six characteristics of one-stop intelligent manufacturing information management systems: intelligent project management, easily controllable factory management, concrete business collaboration, visual production process, digital construction site, and graphical data report.

  The intelligent H-beam forming center is composed of two intelligent H-beam assemblage-wielding-correction-integrated machines and chain conveyors. After receiving production tasks issued by the one-stop intelligent information management system, the control system automatically forms assemblage parameters, which then guide the two machines to carry out the processes of material loading and unloading, centering, assembling, welding, and correction of T-beams and H-beams, respectively. The welding parameters in the welding process are recorded and analyzed in a real-time manner, realizing intelligent and efficient welding.

  In response to the country’s two carbon goals (peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality), Shanghai Baoye has actively promoted the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization and explored a new green development paradigm of the steel structure industry by relying on digital technology. In the future, Shanghai Baoye will continue to seek out the demands of the steel structure industry and keep system R&D and optimization, in a bid to establish an intelligent management model for the steel structure industry and empower the industry with intelligent technology.


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