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MCC Baosteel completed TSI hot metal car
CopyFrom: Date:22 November 2021
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  On November 19, the first TSI hot metal car, which was manufactured by MCC Baosteel, was successfully completed and entered the intense commissioning stage.

  This year, MCC Baosteel has undertaken a total of 18 design and manufacturing projects of hot metal cars for TSI, setting a new high for overseas metallurgical special vehicles. The car has a rated load of 260 tons. In view of the characteristics of the on-site working conditions of Tsingshan Steel Indonesia (TSI), such as high salt and strong corrosiveness of offshore air, high temperature and rainy local weather, long slope and long one-way transportation distance of roads, MCC Baosteel strengthened the vehicle design and adopted a new power scheme of six-axis bearing and three-axis driving to solve the on-site service problems.

  Hot metal car is one of the core products in metallurgical equipment manufacturing field of MCC Baosteel. It has the advantages of completely independent research and development, independent intellectual property rights, independent manufacturing, etc., and the product load has achieved full coverage from 80 tons to 450 tons. With the characteristics of high quality, high reliability and excellent after-sales service, it has been widely used in the domestic and foreign steel metallurgical hot metal logistics transportation market. With high-end equipment manufacturing capability and high-standard quality control, MCC Baosteel provides integrated solutions for metallurgical logistics series for domestic and foreign steel enterprises. The Project will fully enter the commissioning stage next, and it is expected that the container port delivery of all equipment will be completed in April 2022.


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