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Guide to Contact Management of International Engineering Projects prepared by China ENFI, officially published
CopyFrom: Date:24 November 2021
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  Recently, the monograph Guide to Contact Management of International Engineering Projects compiled by China ENFI in the field of international engineering contract management was officially published by Metallurgical Industry Press.

  With the introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and a series of supporting policies, the pace of China's engineering enterprises to "Go Global" has been accelerating in recent years. While achieving better growth in international competition, enterprises also face huge challenges in contract management and risk prevention, and the need to improve and enhance contract management in international engineering projects is becoming more and more urgent.

  This book, jointly prepared by China ENFI multiple departments, systematically summarizes the management of international engineering contracts over the years, and also sorts out the difficulties, bottlenecks and pain points in the implementation of international engineering projects in detail. The publication of this book is a powerful initiative for China ENFI to explore advanced contract management concepts, summarize and promote excellent project management experience in time, and improve the level of enterprise operation and risk control.

  In the future, China ENFI will take the publication of this book as a new starting point, continuously sum up the experience of international engineering contract management and project management and strengthen the accumulation of practice. China ENFI is committed to continue to make positive contributions to establish correct contract management awareness and improve contract management level for China's international engineering industry, and help the industry to develop continuously.


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