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Chen Jianguang Investigates Work on "Growth Stabilizing, Anti-epidemic and Safety Maintaining" at CIE
CopyFrom: Date:23 July 2022
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  On July 22, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC and Chairman of MCC, visited Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CIE) for investigation and guidance. He convened a leadership symposium, listened to the work report on production and operation and Party building, recognized the achievements made by CIE in recent years and put forward specific requirements for its works in the next stage.

  First, we shall take our responsibilities and strive to successfully reach the task targets of the year. We should unswervingly adhere to the development goal of "stable growth", grasp the key points of production and operation, boost the morale of employees, and forge ahead with self-pressure. It is necessary to make overall arrangements for the work plan for the second half of the year, do a good job in marketing, project management and other work, and strive to exceed the annual production and operation indicators.

  Second, we shall improve our stance and gather our strength for the successful holding of the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress. We shall carefully prepare for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and take it as a major political task throughout the year to be carefully arranged and implemented. We shall earnestly do a good job in work safety, COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, stability maintenance and other related work to ensure no negligence and mistakes are made, and create a peaceful and stable environment for the successful holding of the 20th CPC National Congress.

  Third, we shall gain a clear understanding to address the issue of upgrading in terms of strength, quality and size. It is necessary to resolve the relationship between business scale and efficiency, relationship between growth speed and quality, and relationship between enterprise resource and scale in a coordinated manner, and scientifically formulate enterprise development plans. We shall adhere to the positioning of "one major industry with multiple relevant segments", give full play to our own advantages and characteristics while focusing on our main responsibility and main business in steel industry, actively expand non-steel business, scientifically explore and promote EPC business led by design, and promote greater corporate development.

  Fourth, we shall adhere to innovation and focus on strengthening the breakthrough of core technologies and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We shall increase investment in scientific research, enhance the ability of innovation and development, and continuously consolidate the leading superiority in technologies. In the meantime, we shall stimulate the endogenous power of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity increase, focus on accelerating the innovative research and development of green and low-carbon science and technology, and continuously give support to industrial upgrading and the realization of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

  Fifth, we shall efficiently strike a balance among various tasks to put emphasis on tasks including work safety, COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control. We shall firmly hold the bottom line of safe production, fully understand the extreme importance of work safety, adhere to the principle of "the CPC and the Government assume the same responsibilities, double responsibilities for one duty", and strictly implement the inspection system of leaders leading a party on the construction site. In addition, we shall strictly implement the requirements of local government for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic by paying close attention to its normalized management, so as to ensure smooth development.

  Sixth, we shall deepen integration and focus on improving the quality of Party building to gather joint forces for high-quality development. It is necessary to maintain the coordination between Party building and production and operation, and continuously strengthen the Party building principle of "double responsibilities for one duty". The leading body shall perform well both in business and Party building, and always pay close attention to the grass-roots Party building and implement it in action. We shall further strengthen the party self-discipline, create a good, clean and upright atmosphere, and continuously transform the advantages of Party building into the advantages of high-quality development of the corporation.

  Zhu Guangxia, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of MCC, Vice President of MCC, Yi Shuguang, Le Wenyi and other leaders from CIE, as well as Wang Wei, Fei Lidong and other heads of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters attended the above event.


  Chen Jianguang delivers a speech


  Scene of seminar


  Chen Jianguang Visits Comprehensive Exhibition Hall of CIE's image


  Group photo of Chen Jianguang and leaders from CIE


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