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Chen Jianguang Investigates Work on "Growth Stabilizing, Anti-epidemic and Safety Maintaining" at CFMCC
CopyFrom: Date:07 July 2022
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  On the morning of July 7, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC and Chairman of MCC, visited CFMCC for investigation and guidance, held a leadership symposium, and listened to the special work report on production and operation. He recognized the profound historical and cultural heritage of CFMCC and its achievements made in reform and development in recent years and put forward three work requirements in combination with the long-term, medium-term and short-term goals of high-quality development.

  First, we shall explore the development path of re-upgrading and re-transformation from the perspective of long-term strategic planning. We shall look at investment-driven issues objectively and seize the opportunity of re-upgrading and re-transformation in the construction industry. In addition, we shall be forerunners, pioneers and contributors at the forefront of the times, and bring the enterprise onto the track of high-tech, high-quality and high-speed development. In accordance with the principle of "separation of investment and construction", we shall establish professional investment companies and operating companies, focusing on post-investment operation management by preventing and resolving post-operation risks and effectively improving professional operation capabilities.

  Second, we shall strengthen basic management and consolidate the foundation of high-quality development from the perspective of medium-term systematic management. We shall strengthen system construction by achieving closed-loop management of production, marketing, Party building, human resources and other business systems to ensure scientific management, reliable decision-making and solid foundation. We shall optimize the market area and structural layout and focus on subdivided business areas such as municipal infrastructure, expressways and bridges on the basis of our metallurgical construction. We shall improve on-site management and project performance to achieve "market recycling via construction sites". We shall do a good job in risk prevention and control and properly resolve the risks of investment and financing projects. Moreover, we shall promote the in-depth development of various tasks under the guidance of Party building, so that the advantages of Party building can be truly transformed into those of entrepreneurship and market competition.

  Third, we shall make every effort to complete the tasks of "three guarantees" from the perspective of short-term development goals. We shall make overall arrangements for the work plan for the second half of the year and do a good job in resuming work and production, marketing and other tasks to ensure reaching the annual task targets. We shall carry out the "Five Action Plans" and "Five Types of China Minmetals" in MCC and further focus on "three enhancements, two optimizations, and one improvement", "five special actions", and the six key tasks of "maintaining stable growth, controlling risks, advancing reform, refining management, seeking innovation, and strengthening Party building". With specific plans and goals, we shall carry out construction according to the engineering drawings. That is how we can ensure that measures are taken accurately. In addition, we should pay attention to epidemic prevention and control, work safety and stability maintenance to ensure smooth production and operation.

  During this period, Chen Jianguang led a team to inspect the 35th Street Construction Project in Qingshan District of CFMCC and put forward three requirements for project safety management. First, we shall strengthen the control of major hazard sources by managing on-site special equipment and dangerous projects under implementation in accordance with standards. Second, we shall strengthen the management of high-altitude operations, protect the edges and openings, and prevent high-altitude falling and object strike accidents according to the characteristics of housing construction projects. Third, we shall strictly implement various safety management systems, build a solid defense line for work safety, and guard the high-quality development of the enterprise.

  Song Zhanjiang, Wang Cheng and other leaders of CFMCC, as well as Wang Zhen, Wang Hailong, Zuo Zhiquan and other heads of relevant functional departments of MCC headquarters, participated in the above activities.


  Chen Jianguang delivers a speech


  Scene of the leadership symposium


  Chen Jianguang visits the exhibition hall of CFMCC


  Chen Jianguang inspects the 35th Street Construction Project in Qingshan District of CFMCC


  Group photo of Chen Jianguang and the leadership of CFMCC


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