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Four Coke Ovens and Two CDQ of JSW DCPL by ACRE Put into Operation in India
CopyFrom: Date:31 January 2022
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  At 19:30 on January 27, 2022 local time in India, the No.3 dry coke quenching plant of the 3MTPA JSW Coking Project of DCPL contracted by ACRE was successfully put into operation. So far, four coke ovens and two coke dry quenching (CDQ) plants of the Project have all been successfully put into operation.

  The 3MTPA Coking Project of DCPL marks the first time that ACRE's 6.25 m tamping coke ovens and CDQ technology are exported overseas. The Project sets an example for the Company to promote 6.25 m tamping coke oven and CDQ in the Indian market and its smooth running is of great significance for ACRE to open up overseas market. The Contract for the Project was concluded in August 2014. After more than seven years of unremitting efforts, four coke ovens and two CDQ plants were finally completed and put into operation.

  Throughout the implementation, ACRE came across difficulties including the construction delay, project staging, Dengue fever outbreak, etc. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic beginning in early 2020 posed great challenges to the smooth implementation of the Project. However, the Project Management Department was not afraid of difficulties and forged forward to overcome difficulties and ensure the launch. The 6.25m tamping coke ovens and 190 t/h CDQ plants being put into operation are the largest in India and of great demonstration and reference value. Next, the Project Management Department will make persistent efforts and take multiple measures to pass the remote index assessment and production acceptance of the Project, strive to make it an ACRE's demonstration project in India, lay a solid foundation for the Company to expand in the Indian market, and further improve ACRE's brand impact in the overseas market.


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