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Chen Jianguang visits Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Suzhou
CopyFrom: Date:19 November 2022
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  On November 18, Chen Jianguang, Deputy General Manager and member of the Party Leadership Group of China Minmetals, Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC, and Chairman of MCC and China MCC, visited Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and mayor of Suzhou, for an in-depth exchange on further deepening government and enterprise cooperation.

  Chen Jianguang extended his gratitude to the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government for their long-term support for and assistance to MCC, and he briefly introduced the basic situation of MCC. He pointed that as the world’s largest and strongest metallurgical construction contractor and metallurgical enterprise operation service provider, MCC has successfully achieved transformation in recent years by virtue of its professional and technical advantages and business qualification advantages accumulated in the field of iron and steel metallurgy and has accumulated rich construction experience in various fields including municipal infrastructure, rail transit, urban renewal, livelihood engineering, ecological and environmental protection, and new energy development. Suzhou has a solid industrial foundation, an excellent business environment, strong innovation capacity, and a vibrant economic and social development. MCC will seize a new round of development opportunities and actively participate in and serve the social and economic development of Suzhou in all aspects on the basis of existing cooperation. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen communication and connection, expand cooperation areas, and work together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in promoting corporate prosperity and helping Suzhou"s economic and social development.

  Wu Qingwen welcomed the visit of Chen Jianguang and his entourage and extended his gratitude to MCC for its long-term strong support for the economic and social development of Suzhou. He said that at present, Suzhou was deeply studying, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept, striving to promote high-quality development, so that Chinese path to modernization can be fully embodied by tangible realistic picture in Suzhou. MCC Group has strong comprehensive strength, obvious development advantages, and good reputation. Suzhou and MCC have a long-term good cooperative relationship and a solid foundation for cooperation. Chen Jianguang hope that both sides will further deepen strategic cooperation, give full play to their own advantages, innovate cooperation models, and plan more benchmark projects in line with high-quality development in rail transit, industrial planning, urban renewal, financial investment, and other fields, so as to carry out exchanges and cooperation at a higher level and in a broader field and promote more fruitful government and enterprise cooperation.

  Shi Jiahong, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government, Yu Yu, Secretary General of Suzhou Municipal Government, Wang Guorong, Deputy Secretary of Wujiang District Party Committee and District Governor, and Jin Ming, Chairman of Suzhou Rail Transit Group, Zhu Guangxia, member of Standing Committee of MCC and China MCC Party Committee and Vice President of MCC, Cui Qingjie, General Manager of the Real Economy Department of Minmetals Securities, Gao Wujiu, Gao Wenhua, Tian Guixiang, Wang Wei, Fei Lidong, and Fang Ronghua, heads of relevant functional departments and subsidiaries of MCC Headquarters, and others attended the meeting.


  Talks between Chen Jianguang and Wu Qingwen


  Scene of the meeting


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