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China MCC Wins the Best Practice Award of the "2021 Annual Report Performance Presentation Meeting" of the China Association for Public Companies
CopyFrom: Date:09 January 2023
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  On December 30, 2022, the Summit Forum of Listed Companies was held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. China Association for Public Companies released a list of best practice cases. Through the comprehensive evaluation of the organizing committee, many excellent companies such as MCC and ICBC, China Unicom, Vanke A, CSCEC and Yunnan Baiyao stood out from a total of 4,490 listed companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing Stock Exchange, and were listed in the "Best Practice List of the 2021 Annual Report Performance Presentation Meeting".

  Holding performance presentation meeting is an important communication channel between listed companies and the capital market, and an important measure for high-quality development of listed companies. Since its listing in 2009, MCC has held annual report and semi-annual report performance presentation meetings for 13 consecutive years. In recent years, the company has used multimedia channels to conduct face-to-face communication with shareholders, investors, analysts and financial media in the form of online+offline. The company"s leaders attended in person, with good audience effect and played a leading role in the industry.



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