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MCC wins Gold Award of International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC)
CopyFrom: Date:20 December 2022
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  Recently, the 47th International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) ended in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the convention, the QC Group of Baotou Campus South Road of the China MCC22 Group Corporation Ltd., affiliated to MCC, won the gold award of the ICQCC with the topic of A Kind of Underground Construction Waste Water Circulating Sedimentation Device Is Developed.

  Through investigation and analysis, the topic team, focusing on the key problems that the original sedimentation tank of the construction project could not save the site and the wastewater treatment quality was poor, widely used the existing lifting lug design principle as the main line of innovative thinking to develop a buried construction wastewater circulating sedimentation device, which realized the recycling of the sedimentation device using the lifting principle of tower crane hopper, realized the automatic discharge of wastewater using the overflow principle of the wash basin for reference, and realized the opening and closing mode of the closure using the movable scaffold pulley device. After production, installation, and field test and application of the sedimentation device, it not only greatly improves the utilization rate of the construction site but also fully meets the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction compared with the traditional sedimentation tank, with significant social and environmental benefits and promotion and application value.

  MCC has always adhered to the principle of "keeping improving quality", vigorously carried forward the spirit of artisans, encouraged active QC group activities at the project site, and fully promoted new technologies and practices in construction management, enhancing the level of quality management and scientific and technological innovation as well as motivating the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to participate in project management and construction technology research, and effectively promoting the improvement of project quality level thus. The topic has been approved by China Metallurgical Construction Association, China Association for Quality, and Indonesia Quality Management Association. After two years and three months, it finally stood on the top stage of the world. It was praised by the expert judges with perfect results report, accurate English release, and excellent online defense and finally won the gold award at one stroke, filling the gap of the award of MCC at the ICQCC and demonstrating the quality concept and craftsmanship spirit of MCC in pursuit of excellence on the international stage.

  ICQCC began in the mid-1970s and was jointly sponsored by quality organizations from 13 countries and regions, including China Association for Quality, Singapore Productivity Association, Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers, and Korea Standardization Association. As an international exchange event for the activities of the QC groups, ICQCC is known as "Quality Olympics" for its large scale, wide coverage, and strong cohesion. There were nearly 800 QC achievement groups from 13 countries and regions competing on the stage. 189 groups from the fields of electric power, aviation, aerospace, construction, service industry, and other fields participated in it via video in Jinan.




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